We offer six main programs at CMC, all with the same mission and goals:

Chinese Program / English Program / Chinese Student Program
Youth Program / Children’s Programs & Nursery / Next Step Ministry

English Program

We are excited to welcome Francis Chan from Crazy Love Ministries and Bob Sjogren from UnveilinGlory as our joint session speakers, in addition Rev. Luis Bush, Rev. David Choi and Mrs. Becky Pippert are our plenary speakers and will guide our exploration of worldview & values, faith & vision and what actions we need to take to be unleashed for His glory. Your role in the Great Commission is vital!


Both adult programs, in addition to the main sessions, offer Specialized Mobilization Tracks consisting 30 + workshops that allow you to go deep and explore relevant mission themes and ideas. Tracks offered for the English Program are:

  • Ministry to Muslims
  • Evangelism and Missions
  • Business as Missions
  • Unreached/Unengaged People Groups
  • Equipping Local Church Mission Leaders
  • Called to Work
  • Missions to NK

1. Ministry to Muslims


Ambassadors of Jesus Christ to the Muslims

James & Faith Cha

God calls us to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ to the Muslims. There are four attitudes that every Christ’s ambassador should embrace: be loving, be bold, be bridging and be Biblical. There are also three approaches to sharing the Gospel with non-believers: proclaiming God’s truth, sharing God’s love, and demonstrating God’s power.


Behind the Veils: Ministry to Muslim Women

James & Faith Cha

Come and learn about the Muslim women’s worldview, and how you, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, can reach out to a Muslim woman in a loving and Christ-exalting way! (By Faith Cha)


Spiritual Warfare in Cross-Cultural Ministry

James & Faith Cha

We will look into the Bible to see how Jesus and His disciples were engaged in spiritual warfare, and also hear testimonies from the mission field.


How Worldviews Influence Cross Cultural Ministry

James & Faith Cha

2. Evangelism and Mission


A Fresh Approach to Holistic Evangelism for the 21st century: A Global perspective

Becky & Dick


The Irresistible Jesus: a powerful tool to Create Curiosity in Jesus

Becky & Dick

3. Business as Mission


How Work Leads to Transformation in God's Kingdom

Art Lindsey

We will discuss how important our work is in God's design and how understanding this from a Biblical perspective can transform our personal and public life. We pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven and this workshop will show a central means God uses to make this happen.


Worshipping God as an Financial Investor

Sam Weatherford


Worshipping God as an Entrepreneur / Startup Founder

Emilie Kao


Worshipping God as a Physician Scientist

Jimmy Lin

4. Unreached/Unengaged People Groups


Strategic Engagment of the Unengaged

Dr. Pam Arlund

We will learn why every member of the body of Christ needs to be informed and aware of where the need for proclamation of Jesus is greatest on planet earth. We will learn where the people are, strategies for mobilizing all church members to help reach them, and how to choose and send workers.


Effective Proclamation among the Unengaged

Dr. Pam Arlund

Jesus was never without a story, and he adapted his stories to the experience and maturity of his audiences. Learn the Biblical way of receiving and passing on life in Jesus. This way is simple enough that even people groups who cannot read or write or who cannot read or write very well can embrace and follow Jesus.


Christward Movements among the Unengaged

Dr. Pam Arlund

Learn how entire people groups are beginning and continuing to follow Jesus. Learn simple, Biblical, reproducible methods that have proven capable of discipling local peoples who can then in turn disciple their own people.

5. Equipping Local Church Mission Leaders


Overcoming Common Objections and Challenges

Rev. Steve Beirn

Find out 3 extremely common objections and 2 fundamental challenges for the church to effectively address when advancing missions. Let’s problem solve!


Mobilizing Your Church

Rev. Steve Beirn

There are four basic ingredients that, regardless of a local church’s culture, size or circumstance are vital to it becoming a healthy sending church. Come and learn!


Building Proper Relationships

Rev. Steve Beirn

Learn how a church can assess a missionary call, provide basic missionary training and relate to a mission agency. Come and examine!

6. Called to Work


Called To Work Movement in Local Churches -

Panel Discussion:  Mike Chan, Frank Huang, Roger Kung

Learn the practical ways for local churches to infiltrate the workplace and empower their business people with an effective workplace ministry. How to start and sustain an effective work life ministry with Called To Work. Come and see ministry model examples and resources shared by coworkers implemented in coast to coast and in Asia.


Ways to Apply Your Faith at Work

Ed Moy

7. Missions to NK


Not Forgotten: North Korea

Kenneth Bae

e-mail (confidential), please forward through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Christian Engagement in DPRK through Healthcare Interventions

Heidi S. Linton


Education as Missions (EAM) in the DPRK - Bringing Healing to Pyongyang: PUST Medical Division

Dr. Patrick C Lee

new   e-mail (confidential), please forward through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Engaging Pyongyang's elite students through Education and Medicine

Youth Program

To apply to be a Youth Counselor please fill out this form.

Our purpose is to ELEVATE God in all his truth and glory, give students opportunities to EXPLORE global missions and provide an EXPERIENCE of what deep Christian community looks like. We believe God has gifted you with a unique purpose and calling, and CMC-Youth wants to help you discover what that looks like. Each student will be placed in a small group with a leader to care for them throughout the week and peers to grow and have fun with. Don't miss out on our late night venues, stage games, service projects, concerts and more (we call it partying with a purpose!) We hope as many youth as possible will stay onsite (aka get a hotel room!) so encourage your families to book now. See you at CMC-Youth!

Children’s Programs & Nursery

The children’s program this year will feature the 10/40 Expedition – Quest for the Lost Window & Kids to Kids Mission’s VBS curricula. The children will learn about God’s love and concern for the world’s least evangelized and poorest people on the planet, many of whom practice Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. There will be Bible adventures, games, arts & crafts, videos, and snacks! We hope and pray that the hearts and minds of the children will know better about the great big world God has created and His desire for all children to come to know, love, follow and serve Jesus Christ. Our dedicated children’s ministry staff will do our best to ensure your children are safe and enjoy their experience. **PARENTS NEED TO SERVE ONE SESSION. REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS We strive for excellence in our children’s programs. Keeping them safe requires a high-level of caring staff. We are offering a registration discount (not including meals) for those parents who are willing to serve the children.

$45 registration discount (that’s 50%, before 9/9) for those willing to serve two (2) morning or two (2) evening sessions (60 people needed)

$89 registration discount (that’s 100%!, before 9/9) for those willing to serve all four (4) morning or all four (4) evening sessions (30 people needed)

The discount will be refunded to you after the convention and cannot be combined with the group discount. If you are interested please register for the convention and email the Children’s Pastor with your registration ID#, and any past experience working with Children.

Next Step Ministry

During the convention counseling is available through the Next Step Ministry. We are here to walk with you as you consider how God is calling you to fulfill the Great Commission.


Approximately 60 mission organizations, training institutions and equipping ministries will join with us at CMC. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with them and hear directly what the Lord is doing around the globe to draw people to himself. We strongly encourage you to explore the many practical ways you and your church can partner with these experienced organizations in taking the Gospel to the world.

9 Marks

9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches.

+ 福協會

In the midst of same gender marriage, moral meltdown, and secularization, our ministries include Family Missions Ministry, Workplace Missions Ministry, Singles' Ministry and Retreat, Workplace Family Ministry, Campus Family Ministry, Caring for Pastors'/Elders' Families, Marriage Caring Small Groups, Parenting, Crisis Management, Cross-Org Partnership, and Promoting Love-For-Life Family Conference, Chinese Family Ministry Convention (CFMC), and a White Paper of Chinese Family Ministry.

Agape Love Deaf International
愛加倍國際愛 聋協

Goal and Vision: To share God’s love with two hands with the Deaf and Deaf people Evangelization: We hope all the deaf people will hear the Jesus Gospel

Agape Way


Agape Way shows the love of God and shares the salvation of Jesus Christ with Chinese people through 3 ministries: Educational Assistance, Life Coaching, and Fellowship Building, in order to give opportunity, love and hope to impoverished children in western China and to reach people for Christ through life coaching and fellowship building. In US we reach professionals, visiting Chinese students and scholars from China so that they may take the gospel back to China to bless Chinese people.

All Nations

All Nations is a training and sending organization.  Our mission is to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected of the earth.

Ambassadors for Christ

In 1956 Rev. Moses Chow and Ted and Leona Choy met with Christiana Tsai, the "Queen of the Dark Chamber" in Paradise, PA. The Choys, who worked at that time with International Students Inc. invited Rev. Chow to participate in an upcoming Chinese Bible Study. The event gave birth to ongoing outreach activities including the initial publication of Ambassadors Magazine. After much prayer for guidance from the LORD, Rev. Chow and the Choys founded Ambassadors for Christ on May 6, 1963.

Back to God Ministries International

普世佳音新媒体 传播机

A new media ministry, which integrates the top quality Christian resources with forefront digital platforms, to effectively serve the Chinese churches and individuals,proclaim the Gospel to mainland China

and all over the world.

China Outreach Ministries

China Outreach Ministries (COM) extends Christ's love and truth to Chinese students and scholars studying or doing research at American universities. COM campus outreach workers offer friendship, hospitality, and practical services, building Christ-centered relationships and offering opportunities to study and understand Biblical truth. We disciple and prepare believers to return to China as Christ-like leaders who will help transform their families, communities, professions, and nation. 

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades

An international Christian evangelical non-profit organization. Through publication, education, caring and various forms of community services, CCHC is dedicated to urban missions in Christ's love.

Chinese Creation Science Association

Our mission is to strengthen the Chinese church and Chinese Christians on issues of creation, to demolish evolutionist ideology of “science falsely so called”, and “casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Chosen People Ministries


Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. The mission was founded in New York in 1894 by Rabbi Leopold Cohn. Today, Chosen People Ministries serves in sixteen countries across the globe. Our outreach programs include evangelism and discipleship, Messianic Centers and congregations, equipping the local church for Jewish evangelism, print and web publications, and benevolence work.


Building on our heritage of over 100 years of church-planting experience, Christar cultivates Christ-honoring transformation in communities where He is yet to be worshiped. Our goal is to glorify God by establishing reproducing churches among communities of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other Asians around the globe. Specifically, we focus on the least-reached peoples in the world.

Christian Aid Mission

Christian Aid Mission is an evangelical missionary organization that assists indigenous missionary ministries overseas through prayer, advocacy and financial support. Since 1953, Christian Aid Mission has identified, evaluated and assisted more than 1,500 ministries in more than 130 countries that are reaching the unreached for Christ in areas of the world where there is no witness for Christ, where Christians suffer from poverty or persecution, or where foreign missionaries are not allowed.

Christian Communications Inc. of USA

Christian Communications is an international non-profit organization started in 1971 in Hong Kong as a merger of Christian Witness Press, the publishing arm of the China Inland Mission, and China Sunday School Association. Its mission is to serve Chinese churches through literature ministry and Bible teaching.

Christian Witness Theological Seminary

The mission of CWTS is to equip biblically competent, spiritually mature, theologically proficient and culturally engaged servant-leaders to proclaim Jesus Christ and to build up the body of Christ in effective ministry in Chinese churches and Christian organizations worldwide.

Our vision is to glorify God as an “influential and respected” theological institution which supports the Chinese churches in transforming cultures and societies according to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Creation TV


Creation TV is the first Chinese Christian TV station broadcasting Christian programs 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.  Our Vision is to bring the Christian Message and Christian Values to every home where our station would reach.

We have free local broadcast channels in San Francisco 1.8 and 28.1 and Los Angeles 31.5 and paid channels in Hong Kong . In addition, our programs can be watched anytime anywhere on your smart device by downloading the free Creation TV app from app store. 

Dallas Theological Seminary

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary as a professional, graduate level school is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

David Territory Painting Testimony Mission


We will witness to God by the territory painting with 777 Christians' life story. They are from different fields. Namely 777 pieces territory paintings and 10 pictorial books of witness.Combine the sculpture with character and art work introduction.Then translate into different languages to publish all over the world.


Non-profit missions organization which aims to send Christian teachers abroad to teach in some of China's top universities in order to impact the next generation of leaders for Christ

Far East Broadcasting Co.
遠東廣播公司   中文事工部

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) was established in 1945.  Today, FEBC not only broadcasts through shortwave, AM, and FM radio, but also broadcasts through new media in over 100 languages. With the advance of internet media, FEBC utilizes websites, mobile-apps and various new-media technologies to bring the Gospel to Chinese speakers around the globe.In light of the various forms of media available today, broadcasting is becoming more “Broad” + “Casting” than before.


Inviting with love and respect all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. This by-line encapsulates our goal to come alongside churches in training and sending out teams of workers to unreached and unengaged Muslim people groups.

Global Gates

Global Gates is a hybrid wave of American and immigrant entrepreneurs and innovators creating a new missions movement in our cities back to immigrants’ home countries. It seeks to extend “the Church,” as we expand the Kingdom through focused church planting efforts among unreached and least-reached peoples in American cities and beyond.

Global Mission Fellows

Global Mission Fellows is a 2 year mission opportunity for young adults ages 20-30. Young adults are invited to engage with the local communities, connect the church in mission, and grow in personal and social holiness. This program allows for transformation and leadership development to take place while addressing roots of social injustices with other young people from around the world.


use TV media to spread Gospel

Gospel Operation International

Gospel Operation International specializes in missionary sending and in establishing indigenous churches among Chinese and other peoples around the world.

HIS Foundation


HIS Foundation ministries include relief of natural disasters, poverty alleviation, education and health services.  

Every year short-term medical teams and over 200 medical professionals are sent to China, Indonesia, and Africa. Medical equipment and wheelchairs are donated.Since 2006, over 20,000 wheelchairs were donated to handicapped patients. 

Education ministries include high school scholarships, Children summer program, youth camp, and English teacher training courses.

International Mission Board, East Asia (IMB, EA)   美南浸信會 , 國際傳道部 , 東亞睦群協會

Partnering with churches to empower limitless missionary teams who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached peoples and places in East Asia for the glory of God!

Interserve USA

We are a community of ordinary people following Jesus Christ into the Asian and Arab worlds.

Motivated by Christ’s compassion and justice we use our skills to change tomorrow by what we do today….

Interserve is one of the oldest international, interdenominational, overseas-focused agencies in existence. We began in 1852 in South Asia to care for the poor and marginalized in such a way that they could encounter Jesus andexperience the life that He wanted for them.

Int'l Fellowship of Christian Short-term Missions


We are committed to the vision of training and mobilizing believers for local and short-term mission to world evangelism.  Our mission training centers are located in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Sydney, East Malaysia and Thailand. We work closely with local churches unifying community-wide mission effort, offering part-time and full time training programs. We seek and deploy short-term and vocational missionaries for overseas mission.

J Gospel Net

Our ministry is focusing on Internet Outreaching Ministry, Building Mobile digital Bible learning Book APP,

Liberty Corner Mission USA

Since 1951, Liberty Corner Mission has labored in Taiwan and Japan, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering to human need. As an interdenominational faith mission, both foreign and indigenous short-term and career missionaries are recruited. Proclaiming forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation through the finished work of Christ on the cross, we make disciples and build His Church, so that God may be worshiped and glorified.

Logos Evangelical Seminary


“Attempt Great Things for God, Rescue Millions of Souls” is our vision; Logos, a leading Mandarin-language seminary in Los Angeles since 1989, has an eCampus and 550 alumni. Logos is the first Asian seminary fully accredited by the Assoc.of Theological Schools (ATS) and Western Assoc.of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The Exec.Dir.of ATS commented, “The most established [affordable seminary] would be Logos Evangelical Seminary in Southern California (Faith in Leadership, 2015).”

Messiah College

Messiah College, founded in 1909, is a nationally ranked, private, Christian four-year university of the liberal arts and applied sciences. With approximately 2,800 students, Messiah College offers more than 80 majors. Messiah College is located on a beautiful, safe, suburban campus in Pennsylvania, near the state capital of Harrisburg and is centrally located on the East Coast. Messiah consistently ranks among the top colleges and universities in the northeastern U.S.

Minorities For Christ International


Minorities For Christ International (MFCI), is a Christian mission agency to seeks servants of the Lord. MFCI have well-defined evangelistic vision and the passion of a spirit-filled heart to preach the Gospel to every nation. MFCI is called to raise and disburse financial and material support, and to pray for indigenous Christian missionaries throughout the world.

New Tribes Mission

Motivated by the love of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, NTM exists to assist the ministry of the local church through the mobilizing, equipping, and coordinating of missionaries to evangelize unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures, and see indigenous New Testament churches established that truly glorify God.


OMF (U.S.), through God’s grace, aims to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia. Our ministries among East Asians take the form of Bible translation, community development, medical work, church planting and discipleship and more. We also invest in reaching East Asians outside of their home countries through diaspora ministry work in Australia, the U.K., North America and Africa

Our Daily Bread Ministries


The mission of Our Daily Bread Ministries is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. We are a nondenominational, nonprofit organization with staff and volunteers in 37 offices working together to distribute more than 60 million resources each year in more than 150 countries. Regardless whether it's through radio, television, DVD, podcast, book, mobile app, or website, we provide material to help people grow in their relationship with God.

Overseas Campus Ministries OC


OCM was founded in 1992.We committed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Mainland Chinese intellectuals through developing/delivering high-quality literature and educational resources and training, from overseas to Mainland China.

Perspectives Study Program

The Perspectives Study Program mobilizes the body of Christ through education in a 15 week experience to engage strategically in God's global purpose.


Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Reformed Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) exists to honor Christ and his Great Commission by training church leaders in all branches of evangelical Christianity through a program of graduate-level theological education.

SEND International


Mobilizing God's people in order to engage the unreached and establish reproducing churches to God's glory among the nations.


SIM has been launching Christian workers into ministry around the world since 1893. From church planting to medicine, and education to sports ministry, SIM desires to see the body of Christ in all places, among all peoples, to the glory of God. To this end, SIM is committed to making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known. With around 2,000 missionaries representing over 60 nationalities, SIM ministers in 70 countries on six continents

Taiwan Harvest 119

Taiwan Harvest 119 exists to take possession of the west coast of Taiwan for Jesus through planting transformational Christian Communities—like Lighthouses—in every neighborhood.We will do this through recruiting and training a team of 6 to 12 people (including some from a local Taiwan church partner) to live in and saturate THREE neighboring Towns with His Story. These we call Lighthouse Teams; every year a new Lighthouse Team will be commissioned for a term of five years.

Taiwan Industrial Evangelical Fellowship


Taiwan Industrial Evangelical Fellowship is a mission organization for the Great Commission of the Lord.  It's major vision is to reach the 8 million working class poor families, migrant workers and wives in Taiwan area with the gospel.There are five core ministry as follows: Promotion of Vision, Care & Evangelism, Discipleship & Training.  Partnership & Networks, Literature & Video .


Mobilization Team Leader in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast

The Sun Law Firm LLC

The firm practices immigration and nationality law. Examples include help with lawful work status including religious worker status, and green cards for spouses of U.S. citizen missionaries. Clients include churches, seminaries and Christian organizations including AFC. Attorney Calvin Sun has an Avvo rating of 9.9/10.

The Voice of the Martyrs

Serves widows and orphans of martyrs and Christians under severe persecution to rebuild their lives and their ministry for Christ. Encourages persecuted Christians to share the gospel through providing material, training and support. Encourages "free Christians" to be informed about their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, to care for them through prayer and support, and to be encouraged by their witness for Christ.

United Missions of Taiwan


The mission statement of UMOT is to mobilize the church into cross-cultural missions, to encourage the sending of missionaries, and to promote missions education. UMOT hopes to be a small cog in the wheel of global missions, providing a resource platform for missions sending by connecting churches, denominations, para-churches, missions organizations and individual Christians.

WEC International

WEC( Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) is a family of more than 2,000 workers from over 50 nationalities, serving in multi-cultural teams among more than 90 of the least evangelized people groups. Our primary focus is to plant churches where there is no church.


There is no shortage of opportunities to serve at CMC 2016! In fact, volunteers are an essential part of our program and making things run smoothly. For an event this size we will need 400-500 volunteers in a variety of service areas.

Logistics: We need people to work 3-4 hour shifts in a variety of logistical areas. Things like helping at check-in, unloading trucks, ushering, workshop hosts, speaker hospitality and many more. For more information including available shifts, descriptions of each job and to sign up click HERE.

Children’s Program Servants: Parents are required to serve for one full Children’s program session (~4 hours). After families register they will be contacted to schedule their service. Additional volunteers are welcome and should email the lead pastor.

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